Usage Essentials

Once signed in to your MyGroundBiz FedEx account, you will be prompted to modify your profile. Fill in the required fields for the profile details and click the Update Profile button. This is only available to people who are legally residing in the United States and Canada.

MyGroundBiz Portal Requirements

Have a look at the primary requirements of accessing this online portal here:

  • An electronic device that allows you to use the online portal.
  • A high-speed internet connection that enables the users to visit the website of this portal.
  • The login credentials that includes your username and the password. Remember, these credentials work as a key for you to access your online account.
  • Using this online portal will take a few minutes.
  • The MyGroundBiz Login account is part of, which contains all the necessary details that can be checked on this portal after registration.

The MyGroundBiz employee enjoys plenty of advantages after signing up on this online portal. One of the primary advantages of this login portal is that users can get the latest updates and details on this portal.

Type in the address bar of your browser to get access to the latest news and general portal details. MyGroundBiz has hit videos, company news, dealer links, and a user page where you can purchase and trade vehicles.

MyGroundBiz is an online FedEx partner portal where users can easily sign i=in to get the latest news and details on all vendors, billing, and shipping for a particular organization.

The MyGroundBiz Login portal is loved by people in the United States. Almost no employees have problems using this portal. Sometimes this portal may be delayed due to a server failure or your internet connection. Don’t be afraid in such a scenario. This portal will be restored after a while.

The services offered by the portal are easy to access after signing up on this portal.