MyGroundBiz is an online portal that is introduced by FedEx. The portal users can sign in after registering on this account and redeem the benefits they are entitled to. The portal through which customers can log in to view news and data about merchants and their upload or approval by a specific organization. The entry shows the results for each person based on the client’s work.

The MyGroundBiz Login account is an integral part of that has all the details you require for your business, such as reports on expenses.

Visit the website address in your browser’s address bar to get the latest news and updates regarding the firm.

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My Ground Biz is accompanied by the hit videos, company updates, dealer links, and a page where the user can trade the vehicles.

Official PortalMyGroundBiz
Login ModeOnline
Accessible InUSA
Parent CompanyFedEx
Accessible FromMobile or PC

MyGroundBiz Sign Up Process

If you want to sign up on this portal, you must follow a set of simple steps. The steps to register on the MyGroundBiz  Login portal are listed below. Have a read:

  • To begin your journey on this portal, visit the official portal at
  • Hover the mouse over it and hit the “Register” option.
  • The registration page of the portal awaits you.
  • You will now be able to see a My Ground Biz Fedex registration form where you will be asked for details such as first name, last name, contact details, email address, etc.
  • After submitting the information, verify it once.
  • Now click the “Register” button.
  • A series of instructions will be sent to your email address. This email also contains an account activation link.
  • Hit the link to activate your account.
  • Kindly note that your registration will only be completed after you have activated your account by clicking this link. Now, you can sign in and use the services that are offered on the official portal.

MyGroundBiz Login Guide

After registering for the official account, you can log into your account to be able to use the services offered by the login portal. The steps to sign in are listed below. Keep reading:

  • Make sure that the device you use to access this portal is connected to a stable and active Internet connection.
  • Please note that the official My Ground Biz Login portal is only accessible in online mode.
  • Open your favorite browser and visit the portal at
  • You will be redirected to your account home page, where you will be able to see the login button.
  • Carefully submit your username and password in the required field. Make sure that the information you submit is accurate and match the details you submitted during the registration process.
  • Check the information you submitted.
  • After reviewing the submitted details, click the Login button.
  • If the submitted information is correct, you will be directed to the MyGroundBiz account home page.
  • Please note that after signing into your account, you can access the benefits of the proposed portal.

The MyGroundBiz Login account is an online portal where a registered member can log in to redeem numerous offers.

FedEx Ground is accompanied by reliable and affordable business-to-business shipping services to the US and Canada. Independent contractors can work with FedEx Ground to provide the same high-quality inland shipping services to their customers.

The My Ground Biz Account registration portal offers users high-quality services from the moment they sign up on the official portal. The MyGroundBiz Fedex company aims of providing services not only in the United States but all over the world.

My Ground Biz Portal Services

The MyGroundBiz Login account is for authorized members who are registered with the FedEx Ground store. When you’re ready to sign up for the FedEx Ground services, you can join one of the following services:

  • Pickup and Delivery (R&D) – This is where you can start as an R&D partner. If you have shipping for deliveries and transportation to the FedEx hub, you can help yourself. The portal also offers the possibility of transport from the destination station for delivery to professional and private recipients.
  • Line Haul – When you sign up as a Line Haul member, you can haul FedEx Ground trailers by road from the station to station or from facility to facility. It can also enable transportation between customer facilities and stations or hubs.

The MyGroundBiz account is the part of that has all the information you will require for your business.

To use the portal, visit the website address in your browser’s address bar for news and general details. All the latest updates and the necessary information is provided on this portal. The services can be accessed only after registering on this login portal.

MyGroundBiz FAQ

How do you define the MyGroundBiz Login portal?

MyGroundBiz is an online employee portal for FedEx (R&D) and Linehaul pickup and delivery services. Numerous services that are crucial for the users are offered just by a simple click on this portal.

What are the services I can avail of after signing up on this portal?

After signing into the official MyGroundBiz account, the person can access details such as news and information, vehicle sales, vendor links, success stories, exclusive company details, financial information, the latest company news, etc.

MyGroundBiz Customer Support

If you need help or assistance from the organization, you can use the number 1-800-4357647 to request the same.

The customer support team is available from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. midnight and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The My Ground Biz online portal is intended exclusively for individuals who are registered as members of the Ground Biz FedEx and MyGroundBiz accounts.

MyGroundBizz has been offering excellent service since day one. This company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. The services offered by the online MyGroundBiz Login portal are offered all over the country.

FedEx is a traditional shipping company and My Ground Biz Account makes it easy to deliver or ship foundations from one region to another. If you use FedEx and desire to learn more about the company, you can learn about individual resellers and take advantage of the complexity of the organization.

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